[GSoC] - Update -Gui Desin and My new app

Dhananjay Sathe dhananjaysathe at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 01:28:34 MDT 2011


As planned I spent the last week creating the share add / edit dialog, i
chose to do this first as this is the more complicated of the two.
It is coming along pretty well as planned,the add/edit are nearly complete
,with a few minor helper functions remaining that i am currently working
on,as of the delete dialog that is a relatively much simpler one ,and
shouldn't take much time.

As soon as this is done i will begin working on the integration of this work
(all the fore mentioned dialogs) into one share manager gui, which later
needs to be integrated into the main samba-gtk GUI thus completing the
One more issue i need to deal with is security descriptor buffers in shares
aka sd_buf , i do know roughly what they are from a little reading up but do
not have a good enough understanding of how these work and more importantly
how to implement them in my code. Any help in this regard  is very much
welcome. (Off where to look ,esp sine the literature on MSDN docu on which
this is based is fairly large and i don't know what part is relevant to the
sd_bufs used particularly in the shares.)

Just to get my hands dirty and get some better experience and understanding
of Gtk i worked on a little app this week for a day or so . Its a Gui based
slideshow generator fro gnome 3 , (as this functionality is lacking atm :))
.It was a great success and a very fruitful experience.As i discovered
,initially it had a few bugs, and didn't adhere to Gui HIG design
conventions , and many other things about gui design that i wasn't aware of
.However it being an ingenious idea immediately got published on high volume
blogs like omgubuntu.co.uk among others, this got in a large amount of
comments and reactions and recommendations and advice from some of the most
known GUi designers from the elementary team. and I got to learn a whole lot
from that, which i am now implementing in my work on the samba-gtk project.
Infact the package is now being pulled into AuroraOS and AUR (with the
possibility of inclusion into the arch community repo) .
here are some links :

   - http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/06/wallpaper-slideshow-app-for-gnome-3/(older
version + initial idea release )

Also the main and more updated version with all the fixes and instructions,
on my personal blog.


for anyone interested in such an app (gnome 3 users) its hosted on (README
now included) :

Also in line with last week's discussions with my mentor Jelmer, the base
srvsvc pipe object was tweaked and parts dealing with share type resolution
rewritten to a much better method.

As usual my frequent work is at :

and the weekly push is to official GSoC branch :

In addition to this mail i will be blogging about my work and the samba GSoC
experience on my blog,( do visit it at leisure ;) )

As always, any ideas,comments and suggestions are as always welcome.

Good Day

Cheers !!!

Dhananjay Deepak Sathe | +919764871950
dhananjaysathe at gmail.com,f2009260 at bits-goa.ac.in
Blog : http://dsathe.blogspot.com
2nd Year Undergraduate,
BE(Hons) Electronics and Instrumentation,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus.

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