known bug? or should submit 3.6.0-rc2-smb2 & DCE sharelist

Linda W samba at
Thu Jun 23 23:50:35 MDT 2011

Linda W wrote:
> Jeremy Allison wrote:
>> Is this repeatable ? If so please file a bug asap. We're trying
>> to get 3.6.0 out with full SMB2 support so this would be a good
>> problem to know about & track.
> ----
>     Unfortunately, it is very repeatable.
>     Filed as bug #82690 (
> ---

This bug is 'valid'...and the fact that it 'looks' truncated is the problem!

Did a trace from another machine running wireshark on linux (the server)...

it displays the exact same truncation of the server enumeration packet.

Not sure why it's happening, but the server enumeration packet is being
truncated under SMB2, (3.6.0-RC2)...

(have 20 shares counting 'public' and 'netlogon'....)

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