known bug? or should submit 3.6.0-rc2-smb2 & DCE sharelist

Linda Walsh samba at
Thu Jun 23 01:14:45 MDT 2011

I don't remember the exact details from the wireshark trace, but can redo
it (I just rebooted w/smb2 off and that fixed the problem though)...

I couldn't browse the *names* of the shares on my server.

Wireshark had something about the server offering a buffer of ~4K but
then there was a reponse code from the Win7-64 client about getting
a partial reply/truncated buffer...

On the win7 client, it said there was an RPC protocol error getting the list
from the server.

Another samba server (running 3.4.3) was browseable as well as
Win7's advertised shares.

As soon as I turned off smb2 proto and rebooted win7 (logoff wasn't
sufficient), it came up and was browseable....

Is this already a known/reported bug or should I file one?

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