Samba 4 Deployment Guide

Dave Craft wimberosa at
Sun Jun 19 08:58:24 MDT 2011

Hey guys,

So the IBM samba team (of which I am now one) have been discussing
some "make ready" type tasks for samba 4.   Part of this discussion centered
around whether it would be useful to have a Samba 4 Deployment Guide that
discussed the unique features of Samba 4 and how to move from Samba 3 to
Samba 4 in customer situations.   I believe we'd expend some of our resources
to work through scenarios / functions and iteratively write it up in
the samba community
wiki.   Participation of all interested parties would obviously make
this a lot more effective.

Additionally I'd bet that from this effort we'd find code work that we'd need
to contribute to in order to make certain deployment steps work more smoothly.
So from this documentation task we plan to build some code tasks.

Anyway, below you'll find a first blush outline of what the deployment guide
would attempt to document.   I'd appreciate comments about particular scenarios
that need to be covered and ... whether such a deployment guide is indeed
warranted at all.

Lastly I'm currently working on the dsdb/kcc intra-site topology
functions and attempting
to mimic the MS tech documented topology.   If someone has
intersecting work then
we probably need to talk.

Here's the deployment guide outline suggestion (not yet in the wiki)

Samba 4 Deployment Task Guide

Description of Directory Services in general

Description of major differences between samba 3 and samba 4
	Expectations set in regard to new and old stuff

Description of the Samba components
	samba 3 elements
	samba 4 elements

Locations of the executables and data
	Major tools that will be used in following sections

Description of the databases
	ldb, tdb, openLDAP, etc.

Description of the schema at a high level and hierarchy

Description of LDAP access methods
	General tools for examining objects

Description of DNS configuration
	Building or retrieving bind9
	Configuring the zone files
	New DNS entries
	Best practices for integration with pre-existing DNS servers
	Configuring Bind9 to use Samba 4 database
Description of NTP services

Description of PAM integration

Description of Kerberos integration
	Description of DNS elements to find kerberos server
Description of Windows Login integration

Description of file serving

Description of print serving

Migration of Samba 3 to Samba 4

Use of pre-existing LDAP databases with Samba 4

Migration of MS-AD to Samba 4

Description of dry-run tests to see if everything is working

Description of example deployments and tested limits within those deployments
	Here's where we're doing performance/scaling analysis

Description of development / debug information
	Running multiple samba daemons
	Dumping memory hierarchy with talloc and gdb
	Understanding the database with ldbedit, ldbsearch

Packaging information
	Suggestions for distro packaging and analysis of current samba 3 packaging

Regards, Dave Craft
Cut the headlights and put it in neutral.

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