Windows will crash when tyring to modify the file name of share folder of samba .

刘大勇 ldy2534 at
Mon Jun 13 01:04:55 MDT 2011

    I established the samba server in Redhat , and I can read and write the
file in the share folder , no problem. However if I try to modify the name
of the file which has existed in the share folder, when I press the Enter to
confirm the modification the window will crash immediately. and the name
still remain what it was.

but not every windows XP have this problem .  and I don't find the same
problem under Windows 7 .

I was wondering whether you can provide me some clues about how to solve
this problem.
I am looking forward you reply at your convenient time.

my environment is like this , and I also attach my smb.conf.
my Linux server is RedHat.
samba version is 3.0.23.c-2

if there are some further information that you need please let me know.
sincerely thanks
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