SMB2 not used with \\server\share but with \\server.domain\share

Gerhard Wiesinger lists at
Mon Jun 13 13:03:12 MDT 2011

Ok, I solved the issue. :-)

Today the server \\server\share didn't work any more but 
\\server.domain\share worked. Also server wasn't listed in net view any 

After some look I found that nmbd wasn't started because directory 
/var/locks didn't exist:
   error creating socket directory /var/locks/.nmbd: No such file or directory

mkdir /var/locks
service nmb restart

Then the server was listed in net view again and also worked with 
\\server\share with an WINS server configured on remote network.

And voilla:
Also SMB2 was used!!

I also rebooted the client in the meantime.

So it looks like that the client cache some information about protocol to 
use although it does a negotiation request.

Thnx to all for helping me.



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