Pseudobacklinks patches and related patches

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sun Jun 12 03:28:04 MDT 2011

On 12/06/2011 12:17, Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer wrote:
> Hi ekacnet,
> this is tremendously impressive work.
> My comments:
> - I'm glad to see the drop of the "dsdb_module_rename" comment patch 
> since I have been by no ways able to reproduce your mentioned failure. 
> This has to be investigated further.
> - I don't want to criticise too much but still I'm worried: do we 
> really need these numerous new uses of the RELAX control? Is it not 
> possible to start moving to the PROVISION one? I would be really glad 
> to see some unification happening between the different methods of 
> relaxing.
Well in theory there is no new use of the relax control:

+        if (ldb_request_get_control(ac->req, LDB_CONTROL_RELAX_OID)) {
-            !ldb_request_get_control(ac->req, LDB_CONTROL_RELAX_OID) &&
-                        LDB_CONTROL_RELAX_OID) == NULL) {
-                    !ldb_request_get_control(ac->req, 
+    if (ldb_request_get_control(req, LDB_CONTROL_RELAX_OID)) {
-            !ldb_request_get_control(ac->req, LDB_CONTROL_RELAX_OID)) {

Of course there is much more occurrence of relax_asked, but that's 
because you have to set it and declare it.
In fact the only increase of relax is in objectclass for relaxing a test 
about defaultObjectCategory and it just replicate the relax that we have 
in source4/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/samldb.c in function 

> Thanks,
> Matthias
> Matthieu Patou wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I'm planning to push patches from this branch in the main tree:
>> The pseudobacklink part has been reviewed by Andrew Bartlett, I think 
>> I've addressed all his remarks. As the introduction of pseudobacklink 
>> means that existing provision will not have them, I've created a 
>> script to create them. A couple of patches are related to this 
>> scripts and to the problem I found with the handling of deleted objects.
>> If someone wants to have a look at it just in case I left something. 
>> It would be very great to have this alpha16 as it would give the 
>> capability for our users to move DCs between sites.
>> Matthieu.

Matthieu Patou
Samba Team
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