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Dhananjay Sathe dhananjaysathe at
Fri Jun 10 05:28:43 MDT 2011


  This is my week 3 project update. I spent this week fixing and completing
the base pipe manager class that will be the foundation to the whole GUI.

After going through with it with my mentor (Jelmer) it was determined the
code requires a little bit of formatting (to make it consistent with the
rest of the projects formatting and syntax (PEP 8) ) and a fix or two , it
can be found in a volatile form at .

As soon as its fixed ill push it to the official GSoC branch (in a day or

 I have discussed the design of the GUI interface with Jelmer for the share
and server manager based on the underlying srvsvc pipe and will be working
on this for the coming weeks.
Update :
(I have uploaded the raw design / layout idea for this on
the mockups.tar.gz )

  I will start by building the basic connect, add/edit and remove dialogues
that will be calle dby the share manager interface , which later will go
into the main Samba-Gtk utility.

As always any comments , suggestions and ideas are most welcome .

Cheers !!!

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