Samba4 AD initial success, updates and a problem

Bob Cavey wedgeshot at
Thu Jun 9 12:31:24 MDT 2011

Samba team,

 Awesome job so far with Samba4 ( currently running alpha14 on a RedHat 6.1
workstation system )  and for what you refer to as alpha code.... I'm
impressed.  I followed the HowTo on the wiki to setup a standalone AD Server
and all is OK except that I can't create a group and a user with the same
name ( I get and error about the Pre-Windows 2000 object already exists )
via a Windows 7 machine running the AD for users and computers snapin.
Shouldn't this be possible?

Also, for the Howto wiki page, I have updates for additional SELinux
contexts were needed to get everything working i.e. running/talking with DNS
and NTP.  Should I just post it here or do you have a wiki maintainer(s)
that I should pass along the information?

Anyone working on or know of a samba4.spec to build on RedHat rather than
using source builds?  If not I might take a crack at putting one together
one day.

Any timeframe on when you'll drop the alpha status?


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