World IPv6 Day

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Thu Jun 9 01:23:13 MDT 2011

On 06/09/2011 01:10 AM, tridge at wrote:
> Hi Trever,
> As Kai mentioned, Samba4 gained IPv6 support this week. 
> One thing that won't be automatically updated if you install the new
> version is the dns_update_list file in your private directory. You'll
> need to add AAAA entries like this:
> AAAA                                                     ${DNSDOMAIN} $IP
> AAAA                                                     ${HOSTNAME} $IP
> as currently it only has 'A' entries. This file is the template that
> samba_dnsupdate uses to determine what to add to DNS, so it needs
> updating for IPv6, but its not part of 'make install'.
> Cheers, Tridge
Thank you Tridge. This largely did the trick. I have one problem I am
not sure how to describe. I forgot the technical name for it, oh yes,
Unique Local Addresses. These are supposed to be global in scope
(allowing administrators to decide where to block them/accept them, etc.
but not routed globally as a rule).

My machine has one of these (fd00:) and a 2001 address. It is only
picking up the 2001 address. Is there a reason for this? Many of my
machines will not have global addresses but ULAs instead. I don't know
about windows, but I know most of the other stuff I am using would
pickup both addresses and add them.

Thank you for your help. This is a huge help.

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