[GSoC] Weekly status report

Martin Kunev martinkunev at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 13:04:39 MDT 2011

This week I made some changes to the request and response structures of the server and their methods. I wrote a function that handles a whole client request and returns response.

I redesigned the file tree of the source code. This week I plan to merge it with the main source code tree of Samba.

I got more familiar with the HTTP protocol. I wrote functions that I'll use to handle HTTP requests from the clients - for both static and dynamic content. I decided to use GET requests for static content and POST requests for dynamic. It would be easy to change that if necessary. The core part of the server is almost ready - I just have to write function to send response back to the client based on the method invocation results. Then I'll start testing the server.

I use trivial algorithms for most of the code. I'll optimize the code when I'm sure the server is working properly.

I wrote more documentation on the code.

Maybe I'll make some changes in the future to make my code more clearer.

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