object removal in samba4

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Mon Jun 6 06:42:56 MDT 2011

On 06/06/2011 16:40, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> Hi Matthieu,
>> After changing the time after tombstoneLifetime to 10 days I had my
>> w2k8r2 server purging most of the deleted records.
>> After replication it seems that the deletion are not replicated to
>> samba4 DC (Windows _don't seems_  to transmit this removal), does it
>> means that each DC has to implement the removal of tombstones object
>> after X days ?
> Yes and I guess we don't implement that yet.
No it seems to be implemented in kcc_deleted.c
> And in level 2008 with recycle bin, I assume each server has to convert from
> recycle state into deleted state on its own.
Well in 2k8r2 and above the recycle state is equivalent to tomstones 
state so yes it has to be done by each server.


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