object removal in samba4

Pavel Herrmann morpheus.ibis at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 06:28:04 MDT 2011


On Monday 06 of June 2011 13:55:55 Matthieu Patou wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> > so yes, tombstones are to be tracked and purged on every DC
> Yeah It looks pretty logical but still there could be some kind of very
> clever trick !

some time ago I was on a lecture given by an (MS certified) expert on AD 
replication, and tombstones and lingering objects (the thing that happens when 
the tombstone on the original DC was purged before it was replicated to all 
DCs) were part of the talk. I have the slides, but they only contain images 
for that part, and I am not sure if I can make them public.

as far as he explained this, there is no trick involved (or possibly only in 
some wierd corner case, where it is beyond the reach of such lecture)

I am unable to find anything about this on trusted websites, so don't take this 
information authoritatively

Pavel Herrmann

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