[3.6.0pre1:TYPO] Samba3-HOWTO

Samba-JP oota ribbon at samba.gr.jp
Mon Jun 6 01:10:08 MDT 2011

I found 3 typos in TASHARG-*.xml .

in TOSHARG-CUPS-printing.xml 

<title>Troubleshooting Revisited</title>

The setdriver command will fail if in Samba's mind the queue is not
already there. A successful installation displys the promising message that the:
                                         ------- displays

in TOSHARG-AdvancedNetworkAdmin.xml

<indexterm><primary>thin client</primary></indexterm>
        ThinLinc an be used both in the LAN environment to implement a Thin Client strate
gy for an organization, and as
                 --- can
        secure remote access solution for people working from remote locations, even over
 smallband connections.
        ThinLinc is free to use for a single concurrent user.

in TOSHARG-Unicode.xml

<indexterm><primary>Unicode UTF-8</primary></indexterm>
                        In addition, although it is not directly concerned with Samba, since
                        there is a delicate difference between the iconv() function, which is
                        generally used on UNIX, and the functions used on other platforms,
                        such as Windows and Java, so far is concerens the conversion between
                                                            --------- conserns
                        Shift_JIS and Unicode UTF-8 must be done with care and recognition
                        of the limitations involved in the process.


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