[GSoC] Weekly status report

Martin Kunev m.kunev at webconnect.bg
Wed Jun 1 04:25:56 MDT 2011

This week I designed the communication part between the server and the clients. I wrote the structures that I'll use for the communication on the server side. I also wrote functions to manipulate these structures. I wrote functions to invoke methods on the server.

I'll need to add some optimizations to the code in the future.

I wrote the core part of the server. I also took a look at the Samba DEBUG system. I'm going to use it for error reporting in the server.

I decided to use libxml for the communication for now. It will be pretty easy to support several communication methods in the future. I started writing request parser that will be used to parse the client requests so that methods could be invoked. I still need to do some testing.

Communication designing turned out to be more complex than I thought and it took longer than I expected.

Some things may need to be changed in the course of development.

I also documented most of the code I wrote.

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