[Release Planning 3.5] Samba 3.5.11 on August 5?

Linda A. Walsh law at tlinx.org
Fri Jul 29 14:43:02 MDT 2011

` Karolin Seeger wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I would like to ship Samba 3.5.11 on Thursday, August 4.
> It's a bit short-dated, but the security releases came across the actual
> planning. And there are some important bug fixes that need to be shipped
> soon.
    I'd made a comment attached to :


about getting it's attached 'git patch' placed into the 3.5.x series
this was about the time 3.5.10 was released).

I noted that the patch applies with 'offsets' cleanly 
to the 3.5.10 tree.

Is it possible for that to be applied for 3.5.11, or 
scheduled for 3.5.12?


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