[GSoC Update] - Share Manager Complete ! Integration awaits.

Dhananjay Sathe dhananjaysathe at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 12:41:40 MDT 2011

Hello All,

Its been a hectic and busy week . This is the last week of my summer
vacations that kicked off in early may. Come Monday and my 3rd year at
Engineering starts. Keeping in mind that time will not be as easily
available once that happens, i have put in that extra bit to try and cover
as much ground as possible, and am glad to inform you that i have my share
manager component of Samba-Gtk Complete !
I finished it on Wednesday and have been testing and hacking at it for the
last 2 days, with assistance and guidance from my mentor Jelmer. In the
process i ended up fixing numerous bugs and reworking  many parts of the
entire interface and learned a LOT of little but ever so important things
from my mistakes and of course jelmer's comments and remarks.

The bug in the base dcerpc api dealing with add/edit/remove functions is
still at large and returns WERR_BADFUNC . I have informed Jelmer and Gladiac
about the same, and hence shall be fixed soon.

I encourage you to clone the source and have a go at it. (running
pygwshare.py ) and report any bugs/anomalies that you may find so i can work
at squatting them.

As i have informed you in my mail last week ,it can be found at the new
location .
web url :

It depends on python, pygtk and samba-python only.
Note main.py could be possibly be broken as i have started editing it, for
the next phase. Also the source will change as and when i fix stuff that
needs fixing.Please bare with me for that.
Also some paths are still relative (due to a compile in /usr/local) and
image paths are still directory relative, these will be fixed as a part of
the integration process. Though this should not be a problem for running it
in its current state. ( I tested it on 3 different machines without any bug)

Next up is integrating this with the main samba-gtk program thus completing
the share manager integration into samba-gtk. I am now working on this.
As for the possible difficulties i may face, is in importing my program into
the master one, without affecting any of the already existing utilites in
any way what so ever. It will  take some care and lots of testing to make
sure that this is smoothly executed. Also i am not too  well acquainted with
glade and will need some extra time than usual as i will have to  work my
way through it and get cracking at my task simultaneously. As always, I will
ask you guys in case i hit a roadblock :)

I intend to write my second blog-post soon , i will update you once its up

Once college starts i will not be available on IRC for as long as i am
currently , but i will remain logged in  and frequently check my chat client
and mailbox. You could always drop me a mail or ping me if i am online. I
will make it a point to be available and work on it for as much time i
possibly can.

Also ,thanks for your time and support.Keep the feedback and inputs coming !

Cheers !!!

Dhananjay Deepak Sathe | +919764871950
dhananjaysathe at gmail.com,f2009260 at bits-goa.ac.in
Blog : http://dsathe.blogspot.com
3rd Year Undergraduate,
BE(Hons) Electronics and Instrumentation,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus.

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