facing issue when trying to connect

haresh_el haresh_el at pactroninc.com
Thu Jul 28 10:59:05 MDT 2011

Hi Kai,

Thanks for your response. I am new to samba so I just posted.

But same conf file( smb.conf) is working fine with version samba 3.0.27 and
samba 3.4.3.

Haresh E.L.

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On 2011-07-28 15:47, haresh_el wrote:


> I compiled samba 3.5.9 for ARM platform.

I'm running various Samba versions on ARM platforms. More interesting than
the CPU architecture for embedded systems is the C library you're using, in

> It is up and running with the below smb.conf file.

In this specific case however, I think the issue is your config.

> [ global ]
> encrypt passwords = no
> security = share

I highly doubt Win7 still supports win95-style unencrypted connections.
Try with encrypt passwords = yes and possibly security = user.
Depending on how you want authentication to work, you might need to set the
map to guest parameter as well, have a look at the smb.conf documentation
for the values you can set that parameter to.

Also, this question would be more appropriate to the samba user list, not
the samba-technical list.


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