[PATCH] support for kerberos in plugin DC code

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Tue Jul 26 22:31:19 MDT 2011

Hi All,

Andrew and I have been working towards making the combination of the
s3 file server and s4 DC code more functional. One of the big missing
pieces in this was kerberos - it was not possible to use kerberos
authenticated connections in a s4 server when using the s3 file server
code, regardless of whether the franky or builtin approach is used.

The reason for this is that the s3 authentication layer doesn't
support AES tickets, and whether AES is used is a property of the
join, not a property of the connection. So when s4 joins a domain
(either as a DC or as an ordinary member), it will set itself up as
supporting AES, but when the s3 auth code then tried to negotiate a
kerberos based connection with a client it could not handle the
resulting AES tickets.

The fix is to allow the s3 file server to use the existing s4
authentication infrastructure for kerberos. This was already possible
for NTLMSSP via the existing auth_samba4 module, but it wasn't
possible for kerberos due to the layering in the s3 auth code.

Andrew and I (mostly Andrew!) have put together a set of patches which
allow the auth layer in s3 to use the gensec interface if it is
offered by a auth module. So the auth_samba4 module sets a
start_gensec method in its s3 auth module structure, and if this is
set then the s3 auth layer defers to the s4 auth code for both
SPNEGO, kerberos and NTLMSSP. 

This approach has the advantage that it doesn't alter the behaviour of
the s3 auth subsystem when the auth_samba4 module is not loaded, so it
won't have any impact on existing use cases, but it allows for the use
of the s4 auth layer uniformly across all protocols when you configure
a combined s3/s4 server.

In order for this to work the patch series re-arranges some of the s3
auth code, while retaining existing functionality. This is needed to
remove some of the layering violations in the existing code, to allow
the abstraction to work.

The patches are in the s3-auth-gensec in git://git.samba.org/abartlet/samba.git

I've looked at these changes pretty carefully and I'm happy that they
are OK, so we plan on pushing these soon if there are no objections. I
think this is an important step towards releasing Samba 4.0 with a
fully functional file server based on the current s3 file server code.

Cheers, Tridge

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