A new CTDB node grabs all public IP address in the cluster

曹宇 caoyu at huaweisymantec.com
Mon Jul 25 08:16:39 MDT 2011

On nodeA, change the following files as following:
   cat /etc/nodes

   cat /etc/public_addresses

On nodeB, change the following files as following:
   cat /etc/nodes

   cat /etc/public_addresses

The do the following steps
1.execute "service ctdb start" on nodeA
2.change the content in /etc/nodes on nodeA to add a new node:
3.execute "service ctdb start" on nodeB
4.execute "ctdb reloadnodes" on nodeA
5.execute "ctdb ip" on nodeB, the output is:
   Public IPs on node 1 node[1] active[bond0] available[bond0] configured[bond0] node[1] active[bond0] available[bond0] configured[bond0]

于 2011-7-19 0:30, Jim McDonough 写道:
> 2011/7/17 曹宇<caoyu at huaweisymantec.com>:
>> I found something weird.
>> Start up a CTDB service on nodeA, which have the public ip
>> of and,
>> Then start up a new CTDB nodeB,
>> the result is that the new nodeB got two public ips(100.20 and 100.21),
>> while nodeA got nothing.
>> Why not nodeA and nodeB got one pulic IP each in this case?
> You probably need to provide more info here from ctdb status on each
> node.  Are both ENABLED?

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