s3-waf in Samba 4.0 (master)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Jul 20 19:39:59 MDT 2011


When we spoke at SambaXP about the waf build, I wanted to understand
what features and benefits you were looking for in the s3 waf build, so
I could try and handle those in the top level build.  I also want to
check with you privately about what future you see for the s3-waf build,
so I don't tread on your toes while I work on more build unification

If I recall correctly, you were particularly keen to be able to compare
config.h files, so we can tell if we have finished implementing all the
configure checks.  We probably also need a way to run the Kerberos
configure checks. 

What other features do you see the s3-waf build providing?  You have put
an immense effort into this project, and I want to preserve that as best
as I can, while getting us to a single build system. 

Finally, once we resolve those features and only if you are OK with it,
I would like for the team to consider decommissioning the s3-waf build.
I have two reasons for wanting to do this:  
 - For Samba 4.0 I really want our users to be building just the top
level tree, or the autoconf build if they must.  Having a third option
gives our users too many different ways to build Samba.

 - The other reason is that while the integration has worked
surprisingly well, preserving the s3-waf build still has costs.  In
particular there are 3 different ways that any given bit of code can be
compiled and we still have the issue of duplicate and unresolved symbols
(run 'make SYMBOLCHECK=1 some time).  I've done a lot to resolve these
in the top level, but if we want to keep it, then these issues still
need to be resolved in s3-waf.  I also think that for Samba 4.0 we
should avoid needing to build three distinct variants of the binaries
test and reproduce any end-user issues.


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>

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