[GSoC] Weekly status report

Martin Kunev martinkunev at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 14:19:21 MDT 2011

This week I added several more methods to the server. I also tested the login methods with the web interface and I fixed some bugs with them. I made some additional functions to help handling the methods. I fixed some server bugs and added more functionality to the session manager. Maybe I'll have to refactor the code a little. I also wrote some documentation and fixed some bugs related to the xmlrpc parser.

I looked at how to use the existing libraries to work with the samba configuration file. I started writing the methods that will be needed for the interface to interact with the libraries.

I also worked on the web interface. I made it work with the session and I started writing the looks of the pages.

This week I'm planning on finishing the server methods for the samba configuration and start using them in the interface.

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