samba 3.6.0rc2 question

Herb Lewis hlewis at
Wed Jul 13 16:34:58 MDT 2011

I'm trying to use the vfs functions for brl_lock_windows and
brl_unlock_windows however it doesn't seem like the brl_unlock_windows
function is getting called on file close unless posiz locks is set.

locking_close_file is called which in turn calls brl_close_fnum but
this only calls brl_unlock which is what calls SMB_VFS_BRL_UNLOCK_WINDOWS
within an if(lp_posix_locking(fsp->conn->params)) clause.

This seems to be a bug as the vfs unlock routine will never get called
to release the locks on close. I'm not quite sure where this fix needs
to go though.

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