On the road to 4.0 alpha17

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Sat Jul 9 04:02:00 MDT 2011

On 09/07/2011 02:43, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I wanted to discuss our progress towards releasing an alpha17, and what
> I would like to see in that release, and what I'm doing over the next
> little while towards that.
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> I'm starting to take a look at migration from existing Samba 3
> installations to Samba 4.0, and hope to extend the upgrade_from_s3
> script to use passdb (adding python bindings at some level).  I've been
> looking at the code, and it may be desirable to make the passdb
> interface a top level API, using the s3_loadparm_ctx() code to get a
> hook back across to the s3 loadparm.  Either way, having a script that
> handles the provision and upgrades the existing databases, preserving
> SIDs etc is an the critical path for a release.  I would prefer that
> with the common tree, we use the original code to read/write the
> databases where possible, to ensure we upgrade correctly.
As a side note, I'm wondering how we can do search in the samdb from the 
S3 fileserver part. The reason for it is dfs referrals, that seems to be 
quite important (even mandatory) in a multi DC setup when you want to 
have GPO. I've helped a couple of persons with GPO errors last months 
and always the solution was to set host msdfs = yes in the smb.conf. 
Doing so it activated the DFS referral in s4's file server. There is a 
clear need to be able to do it in s3's file server as well.
> The other things that I hope to see happen in the next few weeks are the
> psudobacklinks work that Matthieu has been working on.  This will make
> 'sites' support work in the real world, because the serverReference will
> follow the DC as it moves between sites.
So the patches are in good form, I tested them in production (my) just 
we have a problem on the ROOTDSE (well it's more that you disagree on 
the way it has been done in my patches, but that's mostly minor 
patches). I hope to have time to work on this by the end of the month 
but I'm currently in the last week of my current contract so I'm pretty 
busy cleaning things (like insuring that we can join a Windows DC to my 
production ...).
I'll be unemployed at the beginning of august so if I can't do the 
change before end of July I guess that I'll be able in the beginning of 

Also pseudobacklinks allow us to store correctly DN (as extended) in 
attribute with a DN syntax but that are not linked attribute (ie. 
WellKnowObjects), and allow finally to have a provision 100% (with our 
current knowledge) as running dbcheck on it show 0 errors (which is not 
the case currently).

My work on the production has been also the occasion to have a deep look 
at upgradeprovision, I have to work on it a bit more to allow upgrade if 
we have more than 1 DC but most of the work has been done.

> <snip>
> I think the end of the month would be a good goal to get an alpha 17.
> After that, we better start talking about prereleases for Samba 4.0!
It might be a bit short as noted before but we can try to have ambitious 
objectives !


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