ccan code breaks older build farm systems

Michael Adam obnox at
Thu Jul 7 07:32:34 MDT 2011

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-07-07 at 14:02 +0200, Michael Adam wrote:
> > And if disk space is not your main concern, Rusty, as I already wrote
> > in a different mail, I use folds in my editor for the comment blocks
> > to stay out of my sight while coding.
> If we are going to the extent of writing editor macros to hide the
> licence, then it has indeed become un-read boilerplate and pointless.

Hey, don't be childish... :-)

I am not speaking of hacking up any macros.

I was speaking of using standard features.

I assume that any reasonable programming editor has folding by
syntax built in or as a standard extension. I use vim foldings
all the time, so that I only need to look at the code that I am
currently interested in. The other functions and comments can
be folded away. (And I can't imagine that emacs does not support

I find this convenient to concentrate the view on the essential
parts while coding, but I am also not disturbed by looking at
the boilerplate comment in a code file, not evenw when the header
is larger than the actual code.

Cheers - Michael

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