GSoC 2011: SMB2 protocol support for CIFS Linux kernel module

Pavel Shilovsky piastryyy at
Wed Jul 6 08:23:53 MDT 2011

The last changes from smb2-dev branch on
1) includes changes from 3rd version of demultiplex patchset (posted
to linux-cifs list).
2) cifs and smb2 code use common mid_q_entry structure.
3) cifs_mkdir operation moved to an approach where we have
cifs_mkdir_generic that call either cifs_mkdir or smb2_mkdir depending
on the protocol version.

Next, I am going to spread the approach from cifs_mkdir_generic to
others inode operations I touched before (unlink and rmdir) and to
think about getting rid of smb2 mid related dublicate routines.

Best regards,
Pavel Shilovsky.

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