ccan code breaks older build farm systems

Rusty Russell rusty at
Mon Jul 4 20:44:08 MDT 2011

On Mon, 4 Jul 2011 22:44:38 +0200, Michael Adam <obnox at> wrote:
> Hi Rusty,
> the recent addition of the ccan code has broken several builds
> on the build farm:

Thanks for this report.  Looks like I screwed up the configure tests :(

> There are configure checks but they don't seem to work:
> ...
> configure:6867: checking whether we have __builtin_clzl
> configure:6879: ccache gcc -c  -Wall  conftest.c >&5
> conftest.c: In function `main':
> conftest.c:50: warning: implicit declaration of function `__builtin_clzl'
> configure:6879: $? = 0
> configure:6885: result: yes

How annoying... OK, I think I need AC_LINK_IFELSE rather than
AC_COMPILE_IFELSE.  I'll test that now.

> Could the included ccan code be converted to use libreplace?

If you don't mind perservering a little longer, I'm trying not to
diverge from CCAN upstream.  Ideally I'd like to go the other way:
export parts of libreplace into CCAN, as much of it is generally useful
for other projects.

>From a SAMBA POV, nothing would change.  But CCAN becomes more portable
as the Samba buildfarm finds portability problems...

> Also, the ccan files don't have a copyright/license header
> comment block.

This is an interesting area :) CCAN policy is to leave it to the
individual authors, but all the ccan modules here are mine.  And I hate

So I asked an IP lawyer; the outcome was that on *my* modules I am
moving to a one-line copyright notice which refers to the license file.
Her opinion was that more than that was unnecessary (and as long as the
license was clearly distributed with the code, even that was marginal).

Does anyone have suggestions to add?  If not, I'll update the ccan
modules this afternoon...


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