sec_initial_uid() check in debug.c:check_log_size()

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Jul 4 19:11:40 MDT 2011


In commit 644222a1e36d18f8a57f815e74a08a78c26abb89 you added back a
sec_initial_uid() check for log rotation in the common debug code, with
the message:

> debug: Restore the s3-style check in check_log_size()
> This has caused me considerable grief.

Would it be possible for you to explain what exactly you were trying to
do that caused this to be a problem, and what the problem was, so I can
see if I can resolve it another way? 

There are two issues here:

Firstly, as we move to a Samba 4.0 release we need to move away from
using #ifdef _SAMBA_BUILD_ == 3 for any behaviours we want to keep long
term.  In the top level build, _SAMBA_BUILD_ is set to 4 across all the
common and source4 code.  (For this reason I am working to remove as
many of these conditionals as possible). 

Secondly, the reference to sec_initial_uid() is an unresolved reference
from a common library to Samba3 specific code.  The fact that this built
at all up till now seems to be due to linker order and luck rather than
anything else - the samba-util library is defined as not permitting
unresolved symbols. 

Our other option would be to change this to #ifndef _SAMBA_WAF_BUILD_,
as the autoconf build uses only object lists, not libraries.  This would
change the divergence to between the autoconf and waf builds rather than
between the 'Samba3' and top level builds.


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