shadow_copy2 requires wide links enabled

Paul B. Henson henson at
Thu Jan 6 20:27:08 MST 2011

We currently use Solaris 10's bundled version of samba to serve zfs
filesystems with Ed Plese's shadow_copy_zfs to allow zfs snapshots as a
shadow copy source. The current shipping version of Solaris samba is based
on 3.0.37 8-/, but I'm testing a new version based on samba 3.5.5 that
should be released soon. Unfortunately, Ed's patches to shadow_copy2 to
provide zfs compatibility (among other features) seem not to have made it
into the 3.5 branch, so I pulled a copy of the source for that module from
the 3.6 branch from right after Ed's patches were merged in and compiled it
under 3.5.5 to use as a binary module with the 3.5.5 based Solaris samba
(I've requested they do this themselves and include it in the production
release, but haven't heard whether they will).

To get to the point, shadow copies weren't working and I traced it down to
samba considering the shadow copy a wide link, and wide links are disabled
by default:

  check_reduced_name [@GMT-2011.01.07-02.06.23/license/:2eDS_Store] [/export/user/henson]
  check_reduced_name realpath [@GMT-2011.01.07-02.06.23/license/:2eDS_Store] -> [/export/user/henson/.zfs/snapshot/backup-2011.01.06-18.06.23/license/:2eDS_Store]
  check_reduced_name: Bad access attempt: @GMT-2011.01.07-02.06.23/license/:2eDS_Store is a symlink outside the share path

Once I enabled wide links the shadow copy functionality worked fine. It
looks like there's some magic in the names the shadow copy module uses that
confuses the link check code.

I'd prefer not to have to enable wide links for shadow copy functionality.
Is this perchance fixed already in the development branch? Or a result of
something stupid I've done rather than an issue with samba?

Thanks for any feedback...

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Operating Systems and Network Analyst  |  henson at
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