Ideas on using locking.tdb from Netatalk to implement combined share mode database

Frank Lahm franklahm at
Wed Feb 23 12:24:52 MST 2011

2011/2/23 Jeremy Allison <jra at>:
> On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 04:06:00PM +0100, Frank Lahm wrote:
>> Dear hackers,
>> I'm in the process of a decent rewrite of certain Netatalk (Opensource
>> AFP filserver) subsystems. One of them is acess/deny mode subsytem
>> which is the AFP pendant to share modes in CIFS. We're currently
>> storing these as brls -- an ancient but working hack.
>> I'm now about to rewrite this stuff to use a tbd database. In order to
>> have a fully spec conforming cross-platform server (Samba for Win
>> clients, Netatlak for AFP clients) it would be necessary to integrate
>> both sytems.
>> So I went ahead poking around in source3, hoping I could find a way where
>> - Netatalk's afpd processes would be able to use Samba's locking.tdb
>> (if configured to do so)
>> I've found "include/smb_share_modes.h" and libsmbsharemodes which look
>> promising.
>> Semantic differences [1] let aside for now, could this approach work out!
> libsmbsharemodes was designed for exactly this purpose and used
> by the NetWare file sharing daemon code on Linux.


> Let me know if it will work for you - changes and updates
> are welcome !

How is cleanup in case of eg a crash supposed to happen? There's no
way to go through the locks by pid, deleting any lock for which the
process is gone, is there?
Or is such cleanup builtin ?


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