combined s3/s4 build - initial build working

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Feb 21 03:21:30 MST 2011

Hi Tridge,

>  > I've just build the current version of your toplevel-wip branch,
>  > it's nice that the s3build/ directory isn't needed anymore.
> yep, its now unified with the source3/ waf build
>  > Currently smbd links against,,
>  >,,,
>  > and a few others, which should not be needed.
> yep, and there are also problems with debug calls.
> I think the two are related. We need to use the wafsamba symbol
> validation tests to find all the places where we end up with duplicate
> symbols.

Can you explain how that works?

>  > Please let me review the final branch before you push to master.
> I don't want to wait for this to be perfect before we push it to
> master. It is disabled by default, and it doesn't impact on the
> current toplevel s4 build, or the source3/ waf build or the s3
> autoconf build. 
> I'd like to get it into master soon so it doesn't diverge from the
> work Günther has been doing on the source3/ waf build.



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