combined s3/s4 build - initial build working

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Feb 21 02:11:38 MST 2011

Hi Tridge,

> As we mentioned last week, Andrew and I have been working towards a
> single top level build that builds all the current s3 binaries as well
> as all the s4 binaries.
> We reached a milestone with that today, where we now have it building
> all the binaries, and preliminary tests show that both sets of
> binaries are functional. We haven't tested all functionality, but the
> basics work (eg. bin/smbd, bin/nmbd, bin/samba, authentication etc).
> If anyone would like to try it out, please checkout the toplevel-wip
> branch in:
>   git://
> You then configure and build in the top level directory, and you will
> get both the s3 and s4 binaries in bin/.
> For binaries that have common names, the tree currently adds a '3'
> suffix to the s3 ones. So it builds a bin/smbclient3 and a
> bin/nmblookup3 for example. For each binary we need to discuss which
> ones we actually want to package as part of a future 4.0
> release. Please don't assume that the fact that we renamed the s3 ones
> means that it will be the s4 ones that go into 4.0.
> Internally, we renamed conflicting subsystems on a case by case
> basis. For example, all the s4 auth subsystems were renamed to be
> auth4_XXX, as that will minimise disruption with existing smb.conf
> files for production s3 systems that refer to particular auth modules
> by name. Some other subsystems instead got a '3' suffix where that was
> simplest.
> Note that this work does not currently include the 's3compat' work
> which aimed to allow bin/samba to use the s3 file server. We're trying
> to keep that separate, and are just aiming for the moment to get a
> single build of the two sets of binaries, while keeping them working.
> We're hoping that this will be merged into master fairly soon (maybe
> in the next week or so?) so please have a look.

Thanks your work on that:-)

I've just build the current version of your toplevel-wip branch,
it's nice that the s3build/ directory isn't needed anymore.

But I'd like to that we make sure that the s3 binaries only link in
the needed stuff.

Currently smbd links against,,,,, and a few others,
which should
not be needed.

Please let me review the final branch before you push to master.


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