about 'description' and a big thankyou for samldb

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Feb 14 03:09:22 MST 2011


Tridge and I spent a fair bit of time today around the 'description'
attribute, as we tried to make the handling of this more efficient and

We went into it with our usual bravado (we can fix this quickly, simply
and more efficiently), and came out of it realising quite what an insane
world AD attribute constraints are, and why you had structured the code
the way you did. 

There are some big issues we face in the ldb module stack regarding
efficiency, and in samldb in particular.   Too many of the checks are
not as efficient as they can be, and there are a lot of searches made,
which could be costly on large databases.  

But what I wanted to thank you for is the battery of tests that confirms
the behaviour of this code.  Thanks to those tests, when tridge and I
worked to fix the code, we were prevented from introducing a new set of
different bugs. 

I also want to thank you for your tireless work chasing up the insane
details of this restriction with Microsoft, as it was great to be able
to refer to those e-mails on cifs-protocol, to confirm why the existing
tests and behaviour are the way they are.

Thank you!

Andrew Bartlett
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