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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Fri Feb 4 03:52:54 MST 2011

Hi Tridge,

> As part of our efforts to get ready for a Samba 4.0 release, I'd like
> to propose that we move to having a single top level build for both
> Samba3 and Samba4 binaries. The idea is what for 4.0, a single build
> in the root of our source tree will build both the Samba3 style
> binaries (eg. bin/nmbd and bin/smbd) as well as the binaries needed
> for the Samba4 AD functionality (eg. bin/samba).
> As a first step towards this goal, Andrew and I have put together a
> set of patches that allows Samba4 to be built in the top level
> directory. The patches are in my toplevel-wip branch in
> git://
> These initial patches do the following:
>  - add a top level wscript, configure and Makefile, allowing for a top
>    level build. These are based on the source4/ equivalents, but will
>    later incorporate building of s3 binaries as well, taking advantage
>    of the work done on the s3 waf build
>  - changes to allow 'make test' to run from the top level
>    directory. This runs the s4 test suite, and will need to be
>    extended to run the s3 tests when we are able to build the s3
>    binaries from the top level (either that or we have two test
>    targets, one for each).
> I'd like to propose that we put these patches in now, and then follow
> up with these steps:
>  1) once the build farm, autobuild, s4 docs and openchange are changed
>     to build from the top directory (maybe a few days?) we remove the
>     source4/wscript and related files, so that we don't need to
>     maintain the source4 build separately
>  2) after that, start on building bin/nmbd, bin/smbd and bin/winbindd
>     in the top level build. The existing source3/ build systems (both
>     waf and autoconf) will continue to be maintained while this is
>     going one.
>     Note that this step won't aim to integrate the file server code
>     from s3 with samba4, it will just allow the binaries to be built
>     and function as they do currently with the s3 waf build.
> In making these initial changes I propose that we try to keep the code
> changes to a minimum. I think that getting this top level build
> working to the stage where all development can happen with a single
> build system is a a worthwhile step towards the Samba4 release.

I think that a good plan, but I'd like to make sure that the following
is still possible:

- That the source3 build can build smbtorture4, without building parts
of source3 with waf.

- That the source3 autoconf build uses waf directly with out the
configure/make wrappers
  to build smbtorture.

So that we can still do easy cherry picks to v3-6-test, but just remove
the top
level configure and Makefile after v3-6-test is closed for developer commits
and still be able to build smbtorture4.

It would be really nice to finally get automated testing of the s3
winbindd in
a s4 ad domain...


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