Migrating S4 DC

titantoppler at gmail.com titantoppler at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 21:41:07 MST 2011

Hi list,

Have been running S4 (alpha 14, if memory serves) since last Aug 2010.
Everything has been good so far, but I've been looking at virtualizing the
set up for portability's sake. This is especially so because all my eggs
are in one basket - this particular machine is running as a file server, a
domain controller, a DNS server and a VPN server. I want to separate their
roles into different virtual machines.

So what I want to do is to re-install S4 on my DC, after first putting
XenServer on it.

1) It's the only DC right now, so I need to set up another DC before I can
safely bring the existing S4 installation down. How good/reliable is the
replication feature in S4?
2) My users are using roaming profiles, stored on the DC. Will this be
replicated, or do I have to manually do it?
3) My users have mapped drives that they use to access their files from;
these are also put on the S4 DC. Is there any way that I can transparently
shift it over to another server?
4) Extra difficulty - due to a design decision early on, I used ReiserFS,
which did not support extended attributes properly. I ended up having to
use the "posix:eadb" option in my smb.conf to store the permissions.
Assuming I now have an ext4 data partition, how can I "restore" the
5) After splitting the roles, does the file server VM need to run S4, or
will S3 do? How should I go about the configuration (esp. the permissions


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