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On 2011-12-18 17:42, Nico de Haer wrote:

Hi Nico,

> 1) Bind 9.8 could not find the needed libs

As I've mentioned in my reply to Amitay, the Samba internal DNS server
should be up to the job if you just need DNS to run your AD. Compared
to BIND, it still lacks a lot of features, but setting it up should be
much easier.

> 2) Output of smbclient -L localhost -U% In addition to the expected
> output I also get: REWRITE: list servers not implemented

I've got a patch that "fixes" this by building the samba3 smbclient
binary instead. It's tried and true and is what we're planning to ship
for the time being. You should be able to use it as "smbclient3" until
my patch hits master.

> 3) samba_internal dns server broken? I noticed that samba has a
> built-in dns server that can be used by specifying
> --dns-backend=samba_internal during the provision stage. I had a go
> at it but could not get it to work. The provision itself worked ok
> but samba complains about a timeout when trying to update DNS.
> netstat -l shows that there is no DNS server running. That
> obviously explains the timeout but not why the dns server is not
> started. As I could not figure out how to get it going I went for
> bind 9.8 (I used the version from debian sid) instead...

In the [globals] section, add
server services = +dns
to get the internal DNS server to start up. This is not documented yet
because it's a pretty new feature. You can actually use this to switch
between the DLZ backend for BIND and the internal server, depending on
what you decide to start up. They use the exact same data storage.


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