s3 to join s4

Collen cblijenberg at hermanjordan.nl
Fri Dec 16 04:05:45 MST 2011

This is winbind from the 3.6.1 source package
i build it standard (./configure ./make ./make install)

so no valgrid, but i can rebuild it to support debugging
may take a while..


On 16-12-2011 11:45, Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 11:41:16AM +0100, Collen wrote:
>> Hi, after some investigation i came to the following.
>> i can join the s4 domain, but dns is not registered/updated
>> but manual adding the domain name to zone file fix the problem.
>> but i get a panic action if i do the following:
>> after starting winbind (s3) i do getent group
>> and the backtrace occur,
>> if i first do getent passwd, and then getent group
>> no problems occur.
>> after the first succes, no problem will occur anny more
>> until the winbind cache time expires (300) or winbind is restarted
>> after that the story starts from scratch again (first getent group fails)
>> also the domain users group seems to be empty with getent group
>> but users are assigned to it. i can see it in ad usernmanager
> This is winbind from master? Can you run it under valgrind?
> Thanks,
> Volker

Collen Blijenberg - systeem/netwerk beheerder

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