S4 and Bind9+DLZ

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Tue Dec 13 15:21:10 MST 2011


Sorry last message empty due to a nice power outaget 


time no see, well I needed to implemente another OSS AD solution and
obviously my first choice was Samba4, so I put on my samba shirt again
and started working, after I compiled, Installed, Provision, insatlled
BIND 9.8 as suggested I noticed that now S4 is using (or at least my git
pull) DLZ BIND zones, so there's no way that I know of changing or
adding a record to ther zone, unless it's from LDAP, which I don't know
how to use very well as am no expert on OpenLDAP. 

So my question is
basically composed of two things: 

a. How do I add or changed the zone
if it's a DLZ zone? 

b. if a is a no-no, Is there any way to go back to
the old "file" behavior?. 

Thanks and I'll post some other Youtube
videos on S4 soon. 


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