To release Samba 4.0 'as is'

Kai Blin kai at
Thu Dec 1 04:12:44 MST 2011

On 2011-12-01 11:46, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> However, it seems clear (but not stated clearly) that those who
> would be called on to support that code are not
> willing/able/confident to support the release of the fileserver
> components at this time.

Because you're proposing to release something in the middle of their
release cycle. You're happy to rely on autobuild for sanity checking,
but at least the last couple of Samba 3.x series releases had more
vetting before a release. This is significant extra effort, which as
far as I understand doesn't really make sense at this point of the
file server release cycle, because that's currently in the "add new
features" stage.

> Given that, I'm puzzled, but happy with a AD only release.

I think this is a clash of development cultures here, hence your
puzzlement. s4 alphas so far were snapshots right out of master,
whenever people felt there was a reasonable set of new features or bug
fixes, while relying on autobuild/selftest to make sure whatever we
ship actually works. S3 releases come with release candidates, a
release branch that is forked off prior to the release, and a lot of
people testing the release branch in additional scenarios. That's why
the S3 folks have the knee-jerk reaction that you're just dumping a
grab-bag of features out there. It's not what their releases look
like, so they're puzzled as well.

> The problem is that the only smbd that works with Samba4 AD is the
> smbd in master (to get the pdb_samba4 and auth_samba4 hooks, and
> the correct version of the named pipe auth protocol).

No, again not what I said. As far as I understood the Univention
folks, if they want a file server, they deploy a Samba 3.x server. If
they want an AD server, they deploy s4AD, and don't use it as file
server as far as possible. I don't see how you need master to support
smbd running on a different machine.


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