Endpoint Mapper

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Wed Aug 31 21:25:21 MDT 2011

Hi Andreas,

 > The implementation of the Endpoint Mapper is complete. All functions needed by
 > Windows clients are supported and fully implemented. In addition we support
 > epm_Insert and epm_Delete over ncalrpc to be able to register and remove
 > endpoints as the system user.

have you been able to confirm that the epm_Insert and epm_Delete
functions are wire compatible with Windows clients/servers? I tried
running the rpc.epmapper test against Windows and it fails with a RPC
fault, which may indicate that the wire format is not correct. Note
that our epmapper.idl doesn't use the same IDL form as the IDL in the
OpenGroup spec, so its quite plausible that we are not wire

 > The epmd can detect if a rpc service dies cause of the open connection. If the
 > service dies and the connection is closed we delete the registered endpoints
 > of the service form the database.

this is certainly a good idea

 > The goal should be to use the epmd implementation of Samba3 in the future. The
 > Samba4 epmapper implementation is pretty simple and tied to S4. There is no
 > easy way to register new endpoints from external. 

I'm not convinced that adopting epmd as the normal approach for the
Samba 4.0 release is the right way to go. The 'tied to s4' argument
seems weak given we don't have any plans for another 3.x release.

What about extracting the work you have done into a library, and then
using that library in both the source4/rpc_server/epmapper/ service
and the epmd service?

We certainly can't just drop the current source4/ epmapper, as that
would make all of the current source4 RPC services unavailable. I also
don't want to lose the ability to run the source4/ rpc services in
single mode, using the task abstraction.

 > The epm_Map and epm_Lookup function are incomplete.

can you tell me what calls made by Windows clients fail against the
current source4/ epmapper? I know it doesn't allow for the
registration of new services, which you need for IPA, but I am curious
as to whether you have also found ways in which Windows clients
interact with us that fail with the current code.

Cheers, Tridge

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