remove orphaned DC

Vaclav Klecanda vencax77 at
Wed Aug 31 15:46:40 MDT 2011

Hi, I have simply disconnect a BDC from my site because of demote errors. I
thought that the record will be discarded as time pass. But samba still
wants to replicate with it even after more than 6 months. Because of the
replication errors I am not able to add another pcs to domain. (dcdiag kicks
me with "The directory service has not signalled the event which lets
other  services know that it is ready to accept requests. Services such
as the Key Distribution Center, Intersite Messaging Service, and
NetLogon will not consider this system as an eligible domain controller.
 [SERVER] DsBindWithSpnEx() failed with error 1722").
  So I tried to delete appropriate records directly from LDAP but it says
me: "This is linked attribute, you cannot delete it directly!".
  Have anybody faced such problem? Are there some cleanup utils in samba4? I
tried NTDSUTILS which is a tool from M$oft and which does not obviously work
saying parsing error to an option from list that wrote itself a second
before. I hoped that it will create and send appropriate commands to samba
to delete the orphaned DC record. I will try another version of NTDSUTILS
tommorow but I would appriciate any advice what to do.

thanks, vencax

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