Samba 4 DDNS issues with Samba 3 clients

James Gilliland neclimdul at
Tue Aug 30 11:41:57 MDT 2011

I've recently been playing with a samba 4 domain controller and I'm having
some issues with the Dynamic DNS registration. I have got a windows XP test
box and it registers just fine but my linux boxes running samba 3.[56] don't
seem able to. From what i can tell looking at the bind logs, the windows box
sends and update, which fails, then deletes and adds the FQDN. The samba
boxes though just send the update with some prerequisites that fail and then
send another update this time with the actual IP and FQDN which again fails
and it drops out.

It feels like something is wrong with the samba 3 registration process but
I'm honestly in way over my head already and don't know what the actual
process should look like. I have wireshark logs of both and am in the
#samba-technical IRC channel if someone wants to discuss in real time.

Relevant bind Log:
30-Aug-2011 11:50:48.679 update: info: client updating
zone '': update unsuccessful: 'RRset exists (value dependent)' prerequisite
not satisfied (NXRRSET)
30-Aug-2011 11:50:48.715 update: info: client updating
zone '': update failed: rejected by secure update

Samba 4 domain controller:  Version 4.0.0alpha17-GIT-ed058f4 (Gentoo)
Bind: BIND 9.8.0-P4
Samba 3.6 client: Version 3.6.0 (Gentoo)
Samba 3.5 client: Version 3.5.8 (Ubuntu 11.04)

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