3.6.1 release bug

Lars Müller lars at samba.org
Thu Aug 25 11:53:09 MDT 2011


3.6.0 is out of the door but all of us know: after-game is pre-game.

Still 3.6.1 is knocking silently on the door.  With the good experience
we made with a bug to track the remaining issues of 3.6.0 we've prepared
one for 3.6.1 too.

Please ensure to add all remaining blocking issues to bug


The only input field which needs to be manipulated for this purpose is
labled as "Depends on:" and you're able to modify it by following the
"edit" link.

In this bug you'll _not_ find any technical discussions.  All the
content-related discussions happen in the referenced bugs.

Have a lot of bugzilla fun...

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