[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated

Christian M Ambach christian.ambach at de.ibm.com
Thu Aug 25 10:41:12 MDT 2011

Hi Jeremy,

Jeremy Allison <jra at samba.org> wrote on 08/24/2011 07:39:11 PM:

> >     s3:winbindd fix a return code check
> > 
> >     talloc_traverse_dict will return with -1 in case of an error and
> >     might return positive values that indicate the count of found
> >     entries
> > 
> >     Autobuild-User: Christian Ambach <ambi at samba.org>
> >     Autobuild-Date: Wed Aug 24 18:09:11 CEST 2011 on sn-devel-104
> Christian, can you raise a bug to get this fix back-ported to 3.6.1
> please - looks important to me.

I've opened Bug #8406.

It might look more scary than it really is. dbwrap_rbt currently returns
with a wrong exitcode from the traverse operation and the code in winbind
checks for this. So as long as rbt is not changed in 3.6, the error will
not show up. I've seen it with same patches applied that are in obnox'
ctdb branch that correct the behavior of rbt_traverse and then this check

But nevertheless, let's put it into 3.6 already so we are prepared if
Michael adds the patches from his branch later.


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