Samba4 in upcoming major release of Univention Corporate Server

Matthieu Patou mat at
Mon Aug 22 14:50:37 MDT 2011

Hello Arvid,

On 22/08/2011 16:08, Arvid Requate wrote:
> Hello Samba team,
> this is an OEM report from Univention. We are pursuing the ambitious goal to
> include Samba4 in the next major release of our enterprise Linux distribution,
> which is due to be released in November. As reported at the SambaXP'11 we had
> a prototype published in February and we now published the first milestone
> release of the upcomming major release (UCS 3.0 MS1). We contracted Stefan
> Metzmacher/SerNet for support, e.g. regarding the sync of password hashes and
> Kerberos keys between OpenLDAP and Samba4.
> To our knowledge AD-servers joined into a Samba4 domain currently do not
> provide propper DC (logon) functionality due to the missing Sysvol
> replication. So our plans are to communicate clearly to our customers that
> joining AD-Servers into an UCS 3.0 based Samba4 domain is currently not
> supported. Sure this would be nice, but it's not going to be a show-stopper
> for us.
I'm working on FRS implementation right now, I might have something 
ready by the end of September as I'm planning to work on this during IO 
Lab and SDC.
Otherwise you can use the same kind of trick that I've implemented so 
far: a script with rsync and csync and setfattr.

> An open question is the integration of file and print services. Depending on
> the upstream development we might have to state that file and print services
> can only be provided on member servers running Samba 3.6.x.
I guess you can use the merged version, but in this kind of version we 
don't have the dfs referral support in the s3 file server part, in 
theory it shouldn't too difficult to port it in S3's code base once we 
have decided how to make SAM lookup so that we can take advantage of all 
existing codebase for DC sites identification.

> Are there any ideas already, what development goals will be challenged in
> Alpha18? We'd be interested to make a well adviced decision as to which would
> be a good point for the next upstream snapshot.

Matthieu Patou
Samba Team
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