Dhananjay Sathe dhananjaysathe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 05:15:57 MDT 2011

Hello All,

Firstly my apologies for my absence or intermittent appearances on the IRC
and delays in writing this mail . We had a major thunder storm which
unfortunately knocked out our main power transformer. Leaving us in the dark
for long periods with intermittent periods we get on backup supplies, which
don't power the network infrastructure :(. I had informed Jelmer and Kai
about the same.
( I do come on-line intermittently as dsathe or dsathe_android )

I have completed the project objective of a share manager for the Samba-Gtk
toolkit. As planned earlier the previous week was spent in cleaning up any
unnecessary code, rewriting minor code fragments in a cleaner and more
efficient way and refining the comments and other minor tweaks and bug fixes
to the entire code in general , including a major reformatting under
Jelmer's direction and guidance, in order to ensure it confirms to even with
the various coding and documentation conventions. I also wrote a test python
script to try and help trace the exact reason behind the WERR_BADFUNC errors
in the Samba-4 rpc server.

As I have iterated over the span of my mails to the list my code has been up
on .

I will make no bones in exclaiming this has been absolutely the best summer
of my life. Never have I learned so much and felt so productive in any
period. The entire experience and materialization of this is simply
unthinkable without your help and support .
You guys at the Samba Team have been just fantastic. I owe this to you.
Specially Jelmer, Kai , and Andreas were always there to help out. Jelmer
thanks soooo much. Quite frankly it's really amazing how such a small team
of people pull off one of the most insane and ambitious open source projects
I have seen . KUDOS.

I have already expressed my interest to continue working with this
interesting and exiting project in any capacity that I can. Jelmer has
already advised me to start working on the user management interface in
samba, something very similar to my project, which is a great idea as I am
already very familiar with the ropes of this. I have started familiarizing
my self with the required documentation ( SAMR) and going through the code
of the existing manager in this regard. In the long run i will like to do
more such as work with the IDL and the core samba server too :) . I do
understand that at the moment in I am in my 3rd year of electronics
engineering , and the academics can get rather demanding at times, so I will
not be able devote as much time as I would like, but I can still continue
contributing in any capacity possible and step on the gas in periods when i
have more time such as lulls or holidays.

To sum it up, hopefully I'll be seeing a lot more of you all, bothering you
once in a while asking for your help and guidance ;)

Thank you all once again.
As always ,feel at liberty to send in your comments suggestions and
brickbats !

Cheers !!!

Dhananjay Deepak Sathe | +919764871950
dhananjaysathe at gmail.com,dhananjaysathe at acm.org,f2009260 at bits-goa.ac.in,<f2009260 at bits-goa.ac.in>
Blog : http://dsathe.blogspot.com
3rd Year Undergraduate,
BE(Hons) Electronics and Instrumentation,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus.

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