problem compiling samba-master c21c25450819c9bf2d88c52e6ba44df2c28a01a4

Aaron Solochek aarons-samba at
Fri Aug 19 16:22:25 MDT 2011

I'm on a ubuntu 10.10 machine, amd64, and trying to compile samba-master.  I
moved the existing samba install out of the way, but my compilation fails with this:

default/librpc/gen_ndr/py_krb5pac.c:986: error: ‘union PAC_INFO’ has no member
named ‘constrained_delegation’
default/librpc/gen_ndr/py_krb5pac.c:986: error: dereferencing pointer to
incomplete type

now the only place I see PAC_INFO declared is

union PAC_INFO {
        struct PAC_LOGON_INFO_CTR logon_info;/*
[subcontext(0xFFFFFC01),case(PAC_TYPE_LOGON_INFO)] */
        struct PAC_SIGNATURE_DATA srv_cksum;/* [case(PAC_TYPE_SRV_CHECKSUM)] */
        struct PAC_SIGNATURE_DATA kdc_cksum;/* [case(PAC_TYPE_KDC_CHECKSUM)] */
        struct PAC_LOGON_NAME logon_name;/* [case(PAC_TYPE_LOGON_NAME)] */
        struct PAC_CONSTRAINED_DELEGATION_CTR constrained_delegation;/*
        struct DATA_BLOB_REM unknown;/* [subcontext(0),default] */
}/* [gensize,nodiscriminant,public] */;

So it looks like constrained_delegation is indeed a member of PAC_INFO.

How do I further debug this build problem?



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