Help with Samba4 as a DC

Scott Jordahl scott at
Tue Aug 16 11:05:48 MDT 2011

I'm confused on how the "Samba4 as a DC" setup is suppose to be 
configured. I have an existing Win2k3 server acting as the main AD 
(along with DHCP+DNS), I have installed samba4 alpha16 on a Ubuntu 
10.04LTS x64 based system. Since the Win2k3 system is providing DNS, I 
figured I didn't need to worry about DNS on the Ubuntu system. This, 
apparently, is not the case as I get PANICS in talloc any time I try to 
do a wbinfo and samba's RPC dies. Actually, samba's RPC dies randomly 
without notice and things "kind-of" work (eg - file share are still 
accessible, but you cannot modify file/folder security settings).

Following the instructions on "Samba4/HOWTO/Join a domain as a DC", none 
of the needed bind9 component are generated (eg -  dns.keytab, 
named.conf, etc). I'm not clear on how to generate these from scratch 
and what the named.conf file should look like on the Ubuntu server. Any 
help would be appreciated. Of course, I'm hoping that this is what the 
issue is and that I don't have some other problem going on.


-- Scott

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