Problem building samba4

Brad Hards bradh at
Sun Aug 14 01:48:49 MDT 2011


I'm having a problem building samba from trunk using the "openchange approach" 
where we build talloc, tevent, tdb and ldb first, then build samba against 

The problem is:
Checking project rules ...
Unknown dependency 'pytalloc' in 'pys3param'
make: *** [all] Error 1
Error in samba4 make (error code 2)

The problem commit appears to be:;a=commit;h=6d139d6b0f3d38be395626a7fb4e8d02151102ab

Building with 6a18664d511ac77bde3df040e3c95ffef385c186 was OK.

I do have the talloc python module built and installed, it just seems like the 
build rule isn't recognising that it is already there.

Any ideas / suggestions?


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