problem with source3/script/ in master

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Fri Aug 12 12:34:32 MDT 2011


So, I am trying to build an RPM from master.

There is a problem with source3/script/

It does this:

MANDIR=`echo $1 | sed 's/\/\//\//g'`


# Get the configured feature set
test -f "${SRCDIR}/config.log" && \
        eval `grep "^[[:alnum:]]*=.*" "${SRCDIR}/config.log"`

This last step pulls in variables from config.log, like
MANDIR=/usr/share/man, which overrides what was passed in on the
command line.

Thus the Makefile/ is broken for people building RPMs.

This did not matter in 3.5.x and before because it seems that
configure did not set MANDIR and so it did not override what was
passed into
Richard Sharpe

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